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By accepting our quotation, you agree to our terms and conditions as listed below.


Only once a deposit is paid can your project be placed in our calendar. Due to the nature of our work and many unforeseen factors within the job and also outside, only estimated dates can be given, should these times change due to the team overrunning on their current projects then we will advise you as soon as possible.. Due to this we will be able to advise an idea of time frame when booking into the calendar. Once we get nearer to your project, we can confirm a more accurate timeframe.


As a company we work all year round, it is not always the case that the best weather is during the summer months as well we know. Should our team be carrying out your project during a cold or rainy period then we have ways to continue your works with as little disruption as possible.

1. The team will not take all your window out all at once, but instead work on a chosen area.
2. Unless the rain is driving in, most buildings have an overhang which allows the team to keep working.
3. Paints will only be applied within a set timeframe throughout the day.
4. Should the need arise, we can safely and securely board your windows up and work on the windows at our workshops before returning to site at a later date.


Each project normally requires 1-2 team members. For larger projects that last four or more weeks, it is always our intention to have two team members with you. However please note due to many unforeseen factors in some cases this just isn’t always possible. Of course, we will be working hard behind the scenes to get you that second team member as soon as we possibly can if required.


1. We would ask that the customer gives us clear access to all windows and doors. So, we kindly ask that all nets, curtains, blinds etc be removed from the windows prior to works starting. We would also ask that larger pieces of furniture be placed to one side away from the windows or door areas.
2. A charge could be incurred if our team have to clear areas to access elements.
3. We will also need the customer to reinstall these items once we have left site and only when the paint has fully dried.


On most projects we carry out our works in phases whilst working on all your Windows/Doors at the same time – (Should this not be possible then we will plan accordingly)
1. The project will be started off by either our foreman or a senior member of the team.
2. The office will be in touch throughout the project to make sure you are happy with how things are progressing and if you have any questions.
3. Our standard payment terms are weekly invoices. (Please see payment section).
4. The first phase would consist of preparation, repairs, filling, joinery & Glazing items.
5. The first phase is generally where any extra costs would be identified and then added to your invoice.
6. The second phase would consist of undercoating and fine filling.
7. The third phase would consist of swinging & hanging the windows and doors with adjustment.
8. The fourth and final phase would consist of top paint coats, window furniture installation and snagging works.
9. When the project is nearing completion, you will be requested to sign off the works

All areas will be sheeted up prior to works beginning, and then be left tidy and if needed useable at the end of the working day. We will be in constant contact will the team who will be providing us with updates, images and videos of the work. We may also attend site to view the works. If you have any questions during your project, then please always direct them to the office initially so then these instructions can be feed back to the team. After the works are completed, you will be requested to sign off the works.

We believe all parties should be treated politely and with respect. HRG Services reserves the right to immediately withdraw from site to commence a review of any unfavourable situation that may arise to be discussed between both parties should such occur.


On our initial survey it isn’t always possible to identify the amount of rotten timber on first inspection, how far it goes back or how long it will take to complete these elements. This can only be discovered once works are underway and only once team have scraped back fully on all the areas to see what we are up against.

Because of this our clients are advised to allow for a 10% increase in costs to cover additional repair work not stated in your estimate.

If a complete new item is required, such as a new replica sash for example then we will request this cost from the joinery for your decision.

1. Your estimate will be a flat rate for each item without repairs unless stated.

2. Once the team have scraped back your items, and if additional repairs are discovered then this will be brought to your attention.

3. The repairs could include new cills, rotten timber, new rails, new trims, frame repairs, new pockets, glass changes, complete new sashes etc

4. The office will let you know what repairs have been found and the costs associated with this works. Once we have your approval this amount will either be added to your current invoice, or a separate invoice will be created for these items.

5. The client should allow for a potential 10% increase in costs to cover these types of repairs.


All materials remain the property of HRG Services Ltd until balance is paid in full.

Our payment terms are as follows –
Deposit payment due for project to be booked in. (Projects will not be booked in before this. Due to admin tasks and materials ordered all deposits are non-refundable)

Joinery deposit are to be paid directly to the joiners, prior to works going into production. Final payment is due prior to new Joinery items being delivered/fitted.

Weekly interim payments will be requested throughout your project, based on labour onsite that week and we kindly ask this be paid within 48hrs of request.

Should any extra unforeseen repair work be identified, then this will be brought to your attention and discussed with yourselves prior to works being carried out as this would be an extra charge. Once agreed this amount will be either added to your invoice during the works or invoiced separately.

Final balance payment to be paid 48hrs from request
Please note payment delays may mean that our team are instructed to start another project and return once payment is made or soon after.

If paying a deposit, interim or balance payment please pay using the bank details below For BACS transfer –Barclays bank sort code – 20-96-96 Account number – 33369196


Because we are working on older items it is not our intention to make all surfaces completely clear of blemishes and imperfections. These imperfections we feel are part of the character of older items and should remain. Our intention is to remove rotten timber, prepare and neatly paint your items whilst getting them back to good working order with perhaps modern-day improvements.
The customer will be requested to look over the windows and doors before we finish our works and to sign them off.
Your sign off will be requested on the last day of works or as close to as possible. Should the customer be unavailable at this time then the team may need to leave site to start another project in which case we will request confirmation from you via email that you are happy with the finished works


Please note it is important to understand that our team are applying new paints to old surfaces and dealing with a natural, moving product.

Because of this and natural movement it is not uncommon for some remedial works to be needed around 6-12months after our works are complete.

This can be due in part to unseen trapped moisture, timber expansion and contraction, building movement, and using new products and given them time to adhere and so on.
It may show in the form of small splits, cracks or flaking paintwork and is normal and nothing to worry about as mentioned above.
To combat these natural issues we advise some remedial visit works will be required after the works have taken place whilst the timbers and new paint settle.

To deal with this we suggest 2x options, please see below:

· Option 1: Should the client wish to carry out the remedial works themselves then we are happy to leave some of our specialist paints in an airtight container so them to use when required.

· Option 2: If a client would prefer for our team to carry out these remedial works, then we are happy to do so. This would be charged on our standard day rate plus VAT.

This should usually take between 2-3 days to complete and will be charged at our day rate of £330 + Vat per operative.
At each and every stage the customer is encouraged to view the works and we are always on hand to answer any questions they may have. The customer will also be requested to sign off the works on completion.

Please note this would not be to carry out another full refurbishment or complete redecoration, rather to attend to some minor remedial points outside of our control from the initial visit.

Due to the nature of our trade working with old items and surfaces we do not offer guarantees apart from on new joinery items which will be direct with the external joinery company itself.
Because we are working on older items it is not our intention to make all surfaces completely clear of blemishes and imperfections or to reshape mouldings. These imperfections we feel are part of the character of older items and should remain. Our intention is to remove rotten timber, prepare, fill and neatly paint your items whilst getting them back to good working order with perhaps modern day improvements.
In regards to the glazing paint sightlines our team will follow the natural line of the existing putty or timber bead so although we will attempt to create a straight line this may not always be possible.
Our team take great care to remove all visible signs of rotten areas during the project and the client will be encouraged to view these works throughout. However, HRG Services cannot take responsibility for any hidden moisture although rare within the windows or doors that appears after the works are carried out and signed off for by the customer. It is advisable to look into other areas where water ingress might be coming in i.e., brickwork cavities, leaking gutters, pointing areas etc.


HRG services uses an external joinery provider to supply its joinery items such as new sashes, complete windows and doors etc.

The external joinery provider will only place orders in for manufacture once their joinery deposit has been received. Final balances will be requested on delivery/installation of items.

When the manufacturing of new items including completely new window/s or doors are requested, then all matter related to joinery such as dates, payments and guarantees etc are between the customer and the joinery company. Should any assistance be required during this time we are on hand to offer any advice.

If new sashes are to be manufactured, and to be fitted into your existing frames that we are refurbishing then we will carry out any organisation with the joinery company on your behalf, but payments, and guarantees will still be between the customer and joinery provider.

Final balances for joinery items will be requested on prior to delivery/installation of items.


From time to time we take and share images of our work on our social media, this is to showcase our work and services in an effort to promote our small company. These images will not contain any customer information, personal details or any person effects (e.g. family photos, personal items). If you would prefer not to have your properties images used, please email office@hrgservices.co.uk and let us know that you do not want us to use images of your project.


On making or receiving calls to and from HRG Services Ltd you accept and agree that calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.


We pride ourselves on the works we carry out and the customer service we provide. We would therefore love for you to give us a glowing reference. If for any reason you are unhappy with the works, we would kindly ask that prior to any reference being submitted you contact us directly so that we can establish your concerns and take steps to resolving your issues for you as soon as we possibly can.


By proceeding with HRG Services I confirm that I have read and agree to the estimate costs and HRG Services Terms & Conditions.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.