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Slim Double Glazing Wiltshire – What Are My Options?

We can install directly into existing sashes, manufacture new matching replacements

Experts at installing slim double glazing into existing windows or frames

Are you looking for the benefits of double glazing but don’t want to compromise on the look and slim proportions of a traditional sash window?

At HRG Services Ltd, covering the whole of Wiltshire including Salisbury, Devizes, Warminster and Trowbridge we specialise in converting single paned timber windows into slim double glazed timber windows using our 12mm sash window double glazing units.

Our units are ultra slim meaning that from a distance they still appear to be single glazed sash windows and therefore in keeping with your Wiltshire property.

Once beaded or puttied in our units will still appear to be single glazed glass thus keeping the traditional look but with all the benefits of modern double glazing.  Our units achieve a 1.9UV, couple this with draught proofing and the benefits are instantly noticeable.

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12mm Slim Double Glazed Units
UV Rating
Krypton filled (1)
BS Cert Glass (1)

Slim Double Glazing Into Existing

Detailed measurements are taken of the new glass that will be needed to install directly into your existing sashes.

Once the sashes are removed from the frames we will carefully route back the required depth to accommodate the new glazing onsite.

We then install the new 12mm Heritage glazing Into Your existing sash or casement windows using our established methods.

The glazing then will be beaded in and sealed.

Full restoration, draught proofing and painting follow.

Areas We Cover

Where we work

HRG Services cover Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire offering a dedicated bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Draught Proofing Beads

Our team carefully remove all rotten wood from the affected area.

Slim Double Glazing Into existing Sashes

New Sash Windows

We have restored hundreds of original sash windows throughout the South

Slim Double Glazed Replacement sashes

Draught Proofing Beading

Draught proofing is an approved method for older and listed buildings and Vat is charged at only 5%

The beauty of single the benefits of double


As our slim double glazing is thicker than the original glass we will rout back the original windows.

Routing existing sashes in preparation of installing slim double glazing


Our slim double glazing can be installed to most existing sash windows.

Slim Double Glazed panes ready to be installed


Once the new slim double glazing has been installed it will be secured and sealed to keep it water tight

Sealing in newly installed slim double glazing

“Our team can install slim double glazing into your period properties windows”

David Garrett – Managing Director

More information on Slim Double Glazing

Many Wiltshire homeowners of properties with old timber windows are still unaware that it is possible to keep their original timber windows but to upgrade them to slim double glazing.

HRG Services are specialists in converting existing timber windows to house slim double glazing.

To achieve this the original glass will be removed and disposed of safely, we will then remove any old putty and fixing pins. Once these have been removed we will rout a new channel to the existing window which will allow our 12mm heritage double glazing to fit.

Once installed you will notice the benefits right away, leaving your home warmer and more secure. 

Our slimline glazing units are perfect for listed buildings and conservation areas with BSU Certification BS EN 1279.  Comprising only the top quality components, our slim double glazing has 6mm sightlines that allow traditional elegeant fixed glazing bars to preserve the character of your property, whether listed or within a conservation area. 

All units are filled with either Argon, Krypton or Xenon depending on your requirements.