Rotten wood repair with specialist resin and fillers

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HRG Services Ltd provides a bespoke rotten wood repair package for sash and casement windows  and doors throughout Dorset and the neighbouring counties of Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Tailored for each individual window, using our expertise we can restore your original timber windows back to sound wood, without the need to replace them, saving you money and preserving the history and look of your home.

We restore sash windows and casement windows  on listed buildings and on some conservation area buildings – where the local authority or client have requested be restored rather than replaced.

Our package includes the use of a specialist resin, favoured by English Heritage for the repair of period timber. It can also be moulded to different profiles, blending in seamlessly with the existing window and providing a permanent repair.

In addition we can remove decaying and rotten cills and replace them with new hardwood ones where needed.

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Remove rotten wood with specialist tools


Apply wood hardeners


Insert new timbers where needed


Apply specialist resins and mould to shape


Install new cills or rails if needed

Areas We Cover

Where we work

HRG Services cover Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire offering a dedicated bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Wooden Window Repair

Our team carefully remove all rotten wood from the affected area.

Rotten Wood Repairs

Casement Window Repair

We can install new cills and profiles where needed

Remove all rot


Draught proofing is an approved method for older and listed buildings and Vat is charged at only 5%

We are trained in the use of specialist resins to prolong the life of your original windows and doors

“Our team love saving original windows and doors and take great pride in restoring things back to their former glory”

David Garrett – Managing Director

More information on repairing rotten wood on old wooden windows and doors

In most cases it is not required, but if necessary we can strip back all existing paint coatings back to bare timber ready to fully establish all rotten areas.

Our stripping equipment uses the latest technology by removing old paint layers using infrared heat.  By using this system old glass can be protected as the infrared will not heat the surface of the glass but simply pass through it.  Also due to the low temperatures work on lead based paints can be done safely.

Should a project not require stripping back then our experienced team will prepare the surrounding surface to the highest of standards ready for our resin systems to be applied.  Our aim is to remove all rotten timbers back to a sound surface, preserving as much of the original woodwork as possible.

As well as removing rotten areas we can also include remove old rotten cills and install new ones and replace profiles and sash pockets where needed using our resin as well as scarfing in new timber sections where needed.

Our repair work is mainly carried out on the project site however if required your windows or doors will be removed and restored at our workshop.  We advise our clients that restoring can be labour-intensive, particularly if the timber is in a state of disrepair.  Sometimes having newly-made items can be a more cost-effective option but we will discuss this with you on-site as to the best way to proceed with your project.