Timber Window Repairs in Sway

Timber Window Repairs in Sway


HRG Services were requested to assist with timber window repairs in Sway.  The clients beautiful bay windows to a quaint bungalow involved a full refurbishment of the wooden frames of these leaded windows.   As you can see from the before photos, some parts of the frame were in need of intensive repairs that required the removal of some of the rotten wood, and where possible the rotten wood was dug out and taken back to sound wood.  The structure of the frames was starting to affect their stability so this was a security concern and needed to have a complete overhaul to make them safe.


To get these windows back to their original condition we had to apply wood hardener and resin to some areas, which was shaped to maintain the strength of the frame and keep the appearance of the windows.  We also completely replaced an upright section which was too damaged to restore. Having used our resin-repair system, once the resin was dry we gently sanded and primed all the wood to ensure the timber was protected from any further damage. 

It is essential to remove rotten wood from a window frame because when water or moisture has infiltrated into the wood it makes it soft, malleable and feels spongy.  It can also cause a real problem with the growth of mould which can become a health hazard for the home’s occupants and therefore needs to be dealt with quickly.   All of this obviously affects the structure and integrity of the window and it is safer and more cost effective to sort the problem out sooner rather than later.  By using a hardener and resin to fill in the wood that has been removed, it leaves a tough durable surface that makes it far more resistant to damage from everyday knocks and the British weather! 

These windows have been restored and reclaimed, and will stay in good condition for years to come.  We were really pleased with the finished project, the photos show what a great transformation this is. 

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Client Info

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Sway
  • Duration: 1 Week

Great job, lovely team to work with, the building looks fantastic