Sash Window Restoration Britford

Sash Windows in Britford


To bring these beautiful sash windows in Britford a new lease of life we were asked to refurbish 5 sash windows and repair the kitchen door on this beautiful property named ‘The Moat House’.  It is situated in a charming village, 2 miles from Salisbury, and is an area surrounded by open countryside and water meadows.  The Moat House is a grade 2 listed building so needed to be treated very carefully and to specific regulations to maintain the character and integrity of the building.


All the windows had different repairs done to them.   The bathroom windows required repairs to the frame but had new cills and rails fitted.   The sashes were refurbished and had draught proofing installed and were repainted white both inside and out with our specialist paint to protect and prolong the life of the newly repaired windows and frames.

The bedroom windows only required refurbishment to the sashes and frame, fitting of draught proofing and repainting.

The windows in the drawing room had the secondary glazing carefully removed so that it could be re-fitted.  The sashes and frames were then refurbished, draught proofing fitted and repainted.   The client requested that the top window was fixed so that it would not move up and down, leaving  the lower window free.   The secondary glazing was then re-fitted.

And finally the kitchen doors needed to have any rotten areas removed, including the beading, and then treated to prevent it causing further damage.  We manufactured new beading and trim, fitted it and primed the doors as requested by the client.   

Despite the age and heritage of this wonderful building we were able to sympathetically restore the windows and doors and ensure their future use for a long time to come.   We were really pleased to see the end result, as was the client!

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Client Info

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Salisbury
  • Duration: 3 Weeks

Great job, lovely team to work with, the building looks fantastic