Refurbishment and Draught-Proofing in Weymouth

Refurbishment and Draught-Proofing in Weymouth


HRG received a request from a client from a beautiful seaside town living in a block of well presented flats.   In particular, 2 sash windows needed to be completely refurbishment as well as having our draught-proofing in Weymouth to ensure they looked as ‘good as new’ and last for years to come.


The sashes were taken out from their frames so that the old fixtures could be removed and new pulleys and rope could be installed, along with draught proof beading which was filled and caulked.  Once that was done we could re-swing the sashes and adjust them to make sure they ran smoothly and evenly.   Finally new window furniture was fitted.   A great end result and a happy client.

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Client Info

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Weymouth
  • Duration: 2 Days

Great job, lovely team to work with, the building looks fantastic