Rotten Wood treatment in Lymington

Rotten Wood treatment in Lymington


The windows on this lovely property in Lymington had started to become rotten over time, so the HRG team were contacted to make a full repair including treatment of the present rot to prevent any future damage caused by the corrosive decay.


We removed all the rotten timber on these windows, stripping it back to sound wood, and treated it with hardener to prevent continued damage. We then used new timber and resin to get the frames back to their original shape, ensuring that the joints were sound and of a high quality.

All the usual preparations were completed by sanding and priming all the surfaces. In turn the frame and windows were then painted inside and out. An extra top coat of paint was then added to maintain the durability of the finish.  We use a specialist paint that is in keeping with the age of the building but will also keep it’s look for years to come.

This refurbishment was completed within the allocated time and to a high standard.

The customer and the refurbishment team were happy with the final result.

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  • Location: Lymington

Great job, lovely team to work with, the building looks fantastic