Window Refurbishment in Wincanton

Window Refurbishment in Wincanton


HRG Services were contracted to restore the rotten and weather damaged windows at this property in Wincanton. This required all work to be filled out on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client. This included full restoration and repairs to the Sash windows, hardwood frame, removal of rotten beads, new installation and major repairs to the cills.


All the windows were in need of repairs to the cills due to excessive damage, and new double glazing was installed. The windows and frames all had a full refurbishment, any damaged glass panes were replaced as well as new glazing beads. All the interiors and exteriors were then repainted to protect them, contributing to the aesthetic nature of the property.

Extra Care was required when restoring the bathroom windows, as in this case the bathroom had been recently tiled. Protective mats were used to ensure these new tiles were kept in good condition.

We were really pleased to see the finished results on this home, and our clients were too!

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  • Location: Wincanton

Great job, lovely team to work with