Window Refurbishment in Shillingstone

Window Refurbishment in Shillingstone


HRG Services were contracted to restore several casement and sash windows at this property in Shillingstone Village Dorset. This required all work to be filled out on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client. This included repairs to the cills, as well as preparing repainting and replacement beading of the window frames when needed.


In our thorough window restoration process, we initiated with a detailed investigation to ensure no areas of external window damage are overlooked. Rotten timber is then meticulously removed until reaching a firm foundation. Following this, a woof hardener is applied and allowed to set, paving the ways for repairs using a combination of timber and specialized resin. To prepare for the final touch , all exposed timbers are primed, setting stage for a comprehensive decorating process. Our commitment extends to interior preparation and painting, ensuring the windows are refurbished with precision and care.

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  • Location: Dorset, Shillingstone

Great job, lovely team to work with!