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We offer full exterior maintenance service to work alongside our other exterior services

All your exterior property maintenance needs under one roof

HRG Services – The Exterior Specialists also offer a full exterior maintenance service to its clients.

To sit alongside our other services we offer a full exterior maintenance service, which includes to name a few timber repairs, gutter repairs, fencing repairs, decking repairs, window repairs, door repairs, glazing repairs and much more

Our maintenance repair service is ideal for the busy residential home owner or even a large hotel or business owner who wants one company to take care of all their exterior property needs.

If you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation survey or for further information

Timber Repairs
Gutter Repairs
Glazing Repairs (1)
Fence Repairs

External Maintenance Services

As well as offer a comprehensive range of exterior services.

HRG Services also offer a full exterior maintenance service.

To both residential & commercial clients

Timber repairs, Fencing repairs, glazing repairs, gutter repairs and more

Weekly & Monthly  & Yearly maintenance packages available

Areas We Cover

Where we work

HRG Services cover Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire offering a dedicated bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Gutter Repair 1 700-min

Our team can carry out gutter cleaning and repairs to your property

Gutter Repair

Repointing 700-min

We can carry out patch repairs to render and brickwork to both small residential and large commercial properties.

Patch Repointing + Render work

Fence 2 700-min

Fence repairs and new fence installations can be undertaken

Fence Repairs

Glazing 1 700-min

We can install new panes where ones have broken or misted up, we can also upgrade single glazing to slim double glazing which is ideal for period property owners.

Glazing repair and upgrade

Timber Repair 1 700

Our team can remove rotten timber and repair using specialist resins.

Repair of Rotten Timber

Decking 1 700-min

Decking repairs + new decking structures

Decking Repairs

“Call us for all your exterior property repair needs”

David Garrett – Managing Director

More information on our exterior maintenance packages

Our exterior maintenance services are ideal for busy home owners or commercial business owners. Our clients want to use one company for all their exterior property needs and we can not only do this but also offer a full exterior maintenance service as well.

Our exterior maintenance services can cater to you and your properties needs and include timber repairs, gutter repairs, fencing repairs, glazing repairs, patch repointing and render works and much more.

Our exterior maintenance services can set to dates that suit you or your business. Some being one off, weekly. monthly or even yearly visits from our team.

We are a trusted company and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and working will our customers to deliver the best job possible