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Cladding for the residential or commercial building owner

Cladding your home or building can completely transform the look of it, whether it is a contemporary look or a more traditional look.

There are also other benefits than just being aesthetically pleasing, it can improve the insulation of your home, give it added protection from the elements and also help reduce noise infiltration.

Cladding is a facing material that can be fixed directly onto the wall such as stone cladding or fixed to timber battens as is the case with traditional timber cladding.

At HRG Services – The Exterior Specialists we are vastly experienced at supplying and installing all kinds of cladding.

With many different varieties of cladding we can advise you and what works best for your home or property, enhancing the existing features and giving you property a transformation you will be proud of for years to come.


Timber cladding remains to this day, one of the most popular choices of cladding.

It has been a mainstay in architecture all of the world for over a thousand years and was commonly found near areas covered by vast forests.

We supply and install many different varieties and styles of timber cladding. There are hard and soft wood options available and can be laid in different styles such as shiplap and tongue and groove.

All our timber cladding comes from sustainable forests meaning there is no damage to the environment.

Timber cladding is a popular choice as it has high insulation properties which will help reduce your heating bill as well as sound absorption properties that can help reduce outside noise.

If you are looking for Timber Cladding then please call us on 0800 246 1947.



Many homeowners are choosing composite cladding for their homes and properties and is easy to see why.

Composite cladding is made from a combination of materials but gives the traditional appearance of timber but does not require the maintenance timber cladding needs.

Again there are many different colours, textures and styles available so there should be no problems finding the right cladding for your home or property.

Composite cladding can stand extreme weather conditions and is thoroughly fire tested.


Stone cladding is created from natural stone, it has the form and characteristics of a dry stone wall.

The cladding tiles are assembled in a Z formation that allows each piece to interlock effortlessly. To the naked eye you wouldn’t even realise that the stone is formed from cladded panels.

Stone cladding is highly efficient compared to traditional stone walls, installation times can be up to 10 times faster and there is far less waste.

Our stone cladding is highly durable and guaranteed for 25 years, it has also undergone thorough fire checks to ensure maximum safety.

If you would like to find out more about the stone cladding options available then please call us on 0800 246 1947.


“Our cladding installation service will not only transform the look of your home but offers other benefits such as protection from the elements, insulation and noise reduction.

David Garrett
Managing Director

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