Weather Proof Your Home

Weather Proof Your Home

Winter is a time when you will want to have your home as warm and draught free as possible. The problem occurs when the windows and doors have wear and tear which eventually creates gaps and holes that let the cold air through. So it is important to regularly check your whole house and be well prepared for everything that the British weather can throw at it! There are numerous ways that you can draught proof your home, they are easy to do, cost effective and worth the effort.

Foam Tape

This is a self-adhesive soft foam draught seal that is placed on all the sides of the window or door. It comes in various thicknesses and shapes to fit all types of windows, ranging from flat lengths to B, D and E shaped foam. Depending on the size of the gap this might cause some resistance when opening or closing the doors. However, this is an inexpensive and effective way of stopping draughts, preventing rain from coming in and helping to reduce noise.

Re-Caulk Your Windows

The most effective caulk to use is a water based foam sealant that does not shrink. It is placed around the window frame to seal any gaps or cracks and therefore helps to stop air coming in. It also prevents water seeping in and causing damage. If you have wooden windows the window pane will need to be looked at to see if there are any erosion in the putty. Window putty has been used for hundreds of years, is made from lime and linseed oil and can last for hundreds of years more if it has been applied and cured properly. Silicone caulk or acrylic latex has been used more recently but only lasts for about 10 years so it will need more maintenance than putty.

Wooden Window Protect from the cold

Upgrade Glazing

Panes that have broken or misted up need to be replaced. Single glazing can be upgraded to slim double glazing which is ideal for period properties and will help to retain heat in the home. Another effective option is secondary glazing that can easily be installed.

Window Film

Heat reflecting solar window film can really make a difference to heat being lost through the window glass. It is easy to apply, durable and transparent so is a good method of keeping heat in.

Window frame affected by weather

Door Sweep/Draught Excluder

A door sweep is either a PVC strip or a strip with brushes which is screwed on to the bottom of the door to create a tight seal and stopping draughts. A draught excluder or (Sausage draught excluder as they are commonly known as) is a long round filled cushion that is placed at the bottom of the door and can help in keeping out draughts but as it is not attached to the door it is not as effective as a strip.

Letter Box

A letter box draught excluder is really good at keeping cold air out, especially when the weather is windy and wet. Like the door sweep it is usually made of brush strips.

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains work by stopping the cold air that has come in through the window or door from entering into the room. Because they have added insulation they act as a barrier and trap the cold air. This is a decorative and attractive way of keeping the cold out of your home.

We at HRG Services Ltd offer draught proofing services for your windows and doors, from a basic refurbishment package to a full bespoke restoration package. We can complete a free no obligation survey that will highlight any problem areas and will work with you to keep your home draught free. Whatever you decide to do, it will be worth the time, effort and cost to prevent cold air coming in and from losing the heat you have paid for. The money you spend in weather proofing your home will definitely be recovered and continue to save you money in the years ahead.

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